Local Level: Dr. Hird's Research Team


Dr. Myra J. Hird works with a team of graduate and undergraduate students on various waste issue topics (see projects page). 


National Level

Advisory Group


International Level

Advisory Group


Hugh Raffles


Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts


Hugh Raffles lives in New York and currently teaches anthropology at The New School. Hugh's writing has appeared in academic journals and more popular venues, including the New York Times, Granta, Natural History, and The Best American Essays.  In Amazonia: A Natural History (Princeton University Press, 2002) was awarded the Victor Turner Prize for Ethnographic Writing and selected by the American Library Association as an Outstanding Academic Title.




Lucian Gomoll

Honors College and Liberal Studies

California State University, Los Angeles


Lucian Gomoll is Assistant Professor at Cal State LA. He earned his MA/PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Gomoll is a critical theorist who teaches and writes about the sciences, dis/ability, gender, race, sexuality, species, museums, and art. His forthcoming book manuscript, Performativity and Difference in Museums, historicizes and theorizes various ways that bodies have been incorporated into exhibitions and archives since the early nineteenth century.