About Studying at Queen's University:


I receive a large volume of requests and I cannot respond to them all. Please do not contact me unless you are planning to do social science research. I do not have a ‘lab’ and I am not an appropriate advisor for environmental engineers, chemists, biologists etc. Please also note that there are very limited funding opportunities for international students and I do not have funding to cover international student fees.

Comprehensive funding packages are available with opportunities to augment the amounts through scholarships or Graduate Assistantships.


Queen’s University is a leading national and international research institution. The School of Environmental Studies offers an innovative and renowned interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate (MES and PhD) program. The university is located in Kingston, Ontario.


Interested applicants should contact: Myra J. Hird


Although the funding packages are tied to researchers, prospective students must follow the formal application process for graduate school at Queen’s University. 


For more information on the School of Graduate Studies go to the Queen's University website