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Kerry Rowe’s 30-year research career has significantly advanced the design and construction of landfill barrier systems, earning him the Engineering Institute of Canada’s highest honour. read more

Myra Hird will be presenting the keynote speech entitled "Disturbing Messmates and Becomings Indeterminate: Geobio Forces in Waste Flows" at Lancaster University in June. Myra will be speaking as part of ‘(In)determinate Subjects: Indeterminacy & Justice’ program being held with the support of the faculty of Science and Technology.

Myra Hird and Dr. R. Kerry Rowe (Civil Engineering) are the recipients of a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for their study 'Citizen Science Solutions to Waste Management Issues'.

Myra Hird is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar award to Oxford University’s School of Geography and the Environment, and a Visiting Fellow at New College, Oxford University.

Myra Hird and Cassandra Kuyvenhoven are currently featured on the website of the Environmental Sociology Cluster of the Canadian Sociological Association. The monthly profiles feature scholars and students as a means of showcasing a diversity of Canadian environmental research.